Terry was my daughter's midwife for most of her pregnancy until she started having problems with mod to severe pre eclampsia. She ended up having to deliver in the hospital and was having a very difficult time. My daughter almost gave up on having the labor and delivery that she wanted. Terry came to the hospital and was with her when she was closer to delivery. Every thing changed when Terry got there. She knew exactly how to take care of my daughter and baby. She never left until after the baby was here safe and my daughter was ok. Terry prayed with each difficult situation that came up. I will always be grateful that she was there taking care of my daughter. She is amazing.
What is there to say?! This is our third child, our second to be borne by the wisdom and nurturing of a midwife. We had just moved halfway across the country, not only was there a struggle to find housing as winter (and our due date) raced nearer, we were all but convinced we were going to have to compromise on one of our most important standards. "The hospital it is" we sighed in anguish between us both. Then, God sent us Terri. She stepped in at about 7.5 months pregnant (good luck finding another midwife to do that). Even though we only had six short weeks to get to know each other, our hearts were quickly knit together. The night of the labor started around 2am and off we went to the clinic to prepare for a water birth, our second son was coming! Terri called in her reinforcements and before you knew it there was the hustle and bustle of preparation. All hands were on deck and spirits were, well, you just have to experience it for yourself. Here we are, my wife, my self, our son (still in the womb) Terri (of course) and three (that's right THREE) AMAZING Doula assistants. After all of this hard work and sleep deprivation, we all realize that baby Jonothan had played us all. He wasn't ready to meet his welcoming party. At 6pm we made the call to head back home. That's right from 2am to 6pm and NO holding our son. 11pm the same day we call Terri up and say we are coming in hot! By midnight the WHOLE party was back but this time it was all business. My hands were full meeting my wife's demands as she cried in pain. Terri (and each of the doula's) were in their element. They knew when to do what, without being overpowering. The labor felt like an eternity and was beset by pain. I have assisted my wife in 3 labor's, this by far was the worst in every way except one. Terri made all the difference of a very difficult labor. Our son was stubborn and was not in the proper position. After two hours of constant comforting, adjustments, vitals, etc. Out came our second son! Terri had made sure to ask if I wanted to catch Jonathan and cut the cord, I had told her yes. As the moment neared, I was on the wrong side and I was not going to leave my wife's face. (You never leave your wingman! Remember Top gun? Yeah...didn't work out great for Tommy.) Terri understood and caught the baby, making sure to untangle the baby from his cord. We quickly heard cries and handed off baby to mommy. All was right in the world. During this process there was much praying out loud, our prayers had been answered. Had it not been for Terri and the girls we would have been forced into a c section in a hospital. Praise our Creator for Terri! Her years of experience and a well trained dula crew made our most strenuous birth so very sweet. After birth the ladies did a great job of giving us our space to acclimate while making sure all was well with mommy and baby. Trust me when I tell you, you don't want to be in the middle of labor to realize you shouldn't be in a hospital or that you wish you had a better midwifery crew. With Terri, you won't have that concern. Terri has been great following up with postpartum appointments. While every birth is unique and special to you and your loved one, I can assure you of one thing. If you want it to be the best experience it can be, the experience our Creator intends for it to be for you and your love, partner with Terri.
There is no better experience than you will find here. Terry and her staff are the best there is. So compassionate and caring and truly a BLESSING!
Terry was my midwife with both of my children. My first was a hospital transfer from a birth center to induce due to placental insufficiency. She was by my side through the 40 hour labor though she was not technically my care provider anymore. She absolutely made the right call getting me to the hospital that day. Thanks to her encouragement, I was still able to achieve a vaginally birth. My second was a beautiful home birth. It was peaceful and redemptive for all of us. Terry made another call with this birth that changed our lives. Our daughter was diagnosed with a heart defect that needed correcting at 19 days old thanks to Terry’s experience and knowledge. She made sure we saw our pediatrician ASAP after hearing a heart murmur during the newborn exam, and our pediatrician sent us to a cardiologist. When we scheduled her procedure, Terry let us know she was available to come with us for emotional (and spiritual) support if we wanted, which I absolutely did. She was with us during my daughter’s procedure and prayed over us frequently. I am forever grateful for this woman’s care and support.
Terry Gyde was my midwife with both pregnancies so far. She started off as a stranger and became a dear friend. She consistently spent an hour with us at each appointment, sometimes longer. It meant a lot to me that she would take the time to explain things well, especially with my first pregnancy. She focuses on nutrition a lot and how important it is to give your body what it needs to grow a baby and prepare for a good birth. She has had every type of birth experience with her own births - c-section, epidural, stillbirth, twins, and homebirth. No matter your birth history, she will be able to relate with you on a personal level. What I really love is that she was a doula for many years before becoming a midwife. During both my births, she functioned as a doula and midwife. She knew what to suggest to make me more comfortable. She encouraged me. She prayed for me. She stroked my hair and reminded me to relax different parts of my body. She was sensitive to my wishes and the atmosphere that was created. She loves well.
After 3 hospital births, and every intervention under the sun, the Lord lead us to an experience with Terry. Oh, the difference and the blessing!! She educated us. She didn't tell us what our choices should be..she led us to the tools ,and resources to make our own educated decisions. She has had her own varied birth experiences, so she truly understands what us Mama's are going through. She is an amazing woman of God, prayer warrior, and now dear friend. She has been at 3 of our births, guiding, listening, praying, comforting, and loving our family. Such a precious gift! And we are not the only ones, many friends have had the same blessing of Terry as their midwife...and see once she's your midwife, she'll automatically be your dear friend!
We used Terry with our first. I was 16 weeks when we interviewed with her and we walked out of that appointment knowing we would be leaving our OB. I come a VERY medical minded family and we didn’t have much support from my side. However I do believe it was the education and nutrition that I learned from Terry that saved me. I was boarder line PreE the whole time and really had to watch what I ate. I jokingly called her my Army Sargent but it was truly what I needed. She wasn’t afraid to tell me no and that I had to change bad habits. So also was big on teaching us. I learned so much. She was good at not projecting her views on us, just would ask what we thought of different things and then as long as she was satisfied that we had a educated decision she was happy. During birth she was amazing!! She was a Doula for years before becoming a midwife and it really shows. My mom wasn’t happy with us choosing a midwife but after the birth (which she attended) she herself gave a stunning review for Terry. We again had Terry as our midwife for our daughter 3 years later. I’m so thankful for her and I could go on and on. I’m even up for telling you more if you call me haha! She is an awesome midwife, friend, prayer warrior.
Terry is a wonderful midwife! She is so loving and caring, such an encouraging presence! The care I received from her and the knowledge she has made for an incredible experience. I truly felt loved, safe, and understood - which to me are very important when you’re sharing a life experience such as having a baby. Terry cares about the whole family as well, praying for us and speaking life into us. There really aren’t enough good things I could say about her and the care she gave us, I am truly grateful to have her be my midwife and even more blesse that I now feel I can call her my friend as well.
Terry is an excellent midwife. She assisted me with my most recent home birth. I appreciate her skill, experience, and compassionate care. She is professional, punctual, and organized when it comes to business. She is loving, kind, and understanding as a person. She became my friend and not just a healthcare provider. I was impressed at how well she got to know me and understand my desires for the birth and for prenatal care. She did not try to impose her own personal beliefs but supported me fully while offering her knowledge and expertise. I felt I could safely trust her to make decisions for us in an emergency situation. My homebirth was beautiful and managed well. This was my seventh birth, the fourth homebirth. I would not hesitate to hire her again.
Terry was a great midwife! She was very knowledgeable and allowed me to birth as I wanted. Her gentle and loving approach at every appointment,as well as during labor, was exactly what we needed to welcome our baby into the world!